I have a suggestion


May 3, 2018
How come I am still an Apprentice... This is a travesty, absolute disgrace, hang your head in shame.:p:p
See, the whole forum is behind me in my quest to become champion jockey.
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Off topic, but here's a match bet for you, Nathan.

Price up who wrote this -

"I'd have to take a hit on each to cash out"

I reckon NathBet should go:

No Offers DesertOrchid

A Million Mike007 on The Racing Forum
Mike would never write that
he'd write "I know I backed a horse at 6/1 Ante Post for a race in two weeks time" "I know he has just pulled up lame and the trainer has said, he won't run again this season" so I've decided it best to cash in as I don't fancy him anymore
would it be possibel for the section headings to incorperate the line underneath (that we currently have to click on) to make access more straightforward and save all the scrolling down?
It worked well in the past.
Apologies, rest assured it's a comparison that's highly-favourable to you, though!
Mystified by this comment?
Aesthetically,it would make the front page neater and quicker to navigate,and I've never been on a forum before where one click didn't bring up the subject required
Think we might have a misunderstanding.

There is a bloke on TRF who habitually claims to have got the price before it was cut about any horse which wins any trial for any big race impressively and furthermore claims to have cashed out, Houdini like, on any horse he was on ante-post if it then flops in another subsequent trial.

Those of us who live in the real world never knew whether to laugh or cry upon reading such claims.

DesertOrchid's real world honesty and pragmatism is the perfect antidote to that.
Sorry you think that, I was just having a joke with Nathan, who I know from both forums - I will bear in mind what you say when posting going forwards.