Yes, a well known photo. I have more from the same shoot which I think was '79

Hope you and the little fella are well.
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I wasn't born yet so I'll take your word it was 79
We are doing well mate, I helped him win some competition so I'm in the good books for 10 minutes
Doesn't seem long ago that my lad was a stroppy teenager but they grow up so quick - he'll be 33 on Wednesday.
Those words, though obvious, have got me thinking. Time to make better use of time that we/I have left. Shame that so much of it was wasted when I was a 10 stoner and much more mobile. Still...

I had to look up gaslighting. I sincerely doubt that everyone in the world is being forced to doubt their own sanity.
“Gaslighting,” or the experience of being manipulated into doubting your feelings and perceptions of reality, can happen to anyone. This behavior is often used to gain power and control in relationships. Being on the receiving end of it can be damaging to your self-esteem, and can even lead to anxiety or depression