A Day (Or Evening) At The Races

It depends how we define "regularly."

It's less than an hour's drive for me, it's mostly low-grade stuff (though that holds its own fascination) but there's some quality too and, since October, Rebels Romance has beaten Elegant Lord there (prompting me to back both - the former at a monster winning price - next time out as they'd impressed me physically in the paddock) and the subsequent 2,000 Guineas winner ran there.

Trainers are clearly increasingly inclined to run quality horses at the Sunbury venue.

I think I've been about half a dozen times since October.
Sounds fairly regular to me. It's within walking distance of my Mum's, I'll go a few times a year when visits coincide with meetings. See you there, maybe. I'll watch for the guy making the bookies weep :)
I am contemplating another trip to the races this month.

However, as I live in constant fear of assassination, I generally post on threads like this one retrospectively.
I've just read that it's only £13.50p to go racing at Aintree tomorrow evening if you book online.

I also read it is £25 on the gate at Peper Harow on Saturday - regional inflation is alive and well.