Day 1


Aug 2, 2020
Well, sod the weather. I’m fed up with such rotten ground to muck things up. Can’t say I’m approaching the day with any confidence, but the racing will be good to enjoy unless the going gets absolutely bottomless.

1:30 - I’d love to think that Jeriko du Reponet could have the beating of these. He has looked impressive, but unproven at the top table. There is less to take on trust with both Tullyhill and Mystical Power (who just might be something special) and less again with Slade Steel who has arguably faced the stronger opposition, as has Firefox. Potential vs form.

Think I’ll go with Slade Steel (and frightened of Firefox), but it’s very likely that potential will out trump both of them.

2:10 - a heart over head job this one since I can’t desert JPR One. He might have a job dealing with Gaelic Warrior even though that one is going the wrong way round.

2:50 - no idea, but Chianti Classico if I can’t resist a bet.

3:30 - the only sure thing on the card, guess who :D

4:10 - Lossiemouth is a good favourite, but not for me at odds-on. I’m going to take an EW chance with Lantry Lady who impressed last time at Gowran Park, will be suited by the ground and could be anything.

4:50 - really don’t have any idea, not even a maybe.

5:30 - who am I not to row in with Desert’s Salvador Ziggy :), although I always look closely at anything Will Biddick rides (Kilbeg King)

Had a good opening day last year - don’t really expect one tomorrow. Good luck everyone and enjoy.
Blimey, that was a good day with four winners albeit that GW was a cover for JPR One.

Take outs - Mystical Power came over the last looking every inch a winner, but look novicey just getting outstayed. Lot more to come there, I think. Similarly with Lantry Lady who ran very well into fourth for one with so little experience.

Henderson must be a worried man - aside from Luccia who ran a fine third in the CH all his runners were woeful.
Nicely done, BJ. Gaelic Warrior the pick of the day for me. That's a champion Chaser in the making, don't you think? It'll be fascinating to watch El Fabiolo tomorrow.

Thought Nara was unlucky in the 4.50.

Well done again, mate.
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