Day 2


Aug 2, 2020
After a bonza day yesterday I can be carefree today. It’s not my favourite day, though, so I reckon I’ll do more watching than betting

1:30 - can’t see past Ballyburn, particularly after Slade Steel’s performance yesterday. Will be no price, though , so I’ll watch and admire. How Henderson’s Jingko Blue goes will be informative for Jonbon’s chances later on.

2:10 - I’ll stay with Stay Away Fay albeit more in hope than conviction. I don’t think Giovinco is in this class (hence the 20/1 price), but Lucinda Russell still seems to have the hots for him so it will be interesting to watch him with an eye to less arduous contests.

2:50 - not the faintest idea. I wonder whether Skelton can complete the trick with Langer Dan again (win a good one, run rubbish, win a good one, run rubbish). I’ll not be paying to find out, though.

3:30 - I think Jonbon is far closer to El Fabiolo than the price might suggest and I have taken him for this. Henderson’s runners are woeful so far (Luccia excepted) so I doubt I’ll be adding.

4:10 - not really interested, particularly as they might sink without trace in the bog.

4:50 - no idea

5:30 - I think Jalon D'oudairies is the best seen out so far, but it’s a bit off putting that he has drifted into second favourite. I’ll watch how the market goes.
Oops! Not paying attention, hadn’t realised Jonbon taken out. Not surprised, Henderson’s runners have been terrible Luccia aside.
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I did get a bet on Ballyburn in the end, courtesy of B365 evens. I think it was the performance of the meeting so far and it’ll need something special to challenge it. Stay Away Fay hugely disappointing, but the market called it and Giovinco ran surprisingly well. Tricky Dan did it again with Langer Dan unfortunately without me.
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