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Aug 2, 2005
Maybe I've been on another planet for some time... (then again, following Scottish 'football' can be like that)

But have they changed the rules about kicking off a game?

I've noticed in quite a few games at the Euros that players are clearly standing beyond the halfway line and knocking the ball straight back to a midfielder.

I thought all players had to be in their own half and you had to play the ball forward "at least one circumference" of the ball for it to be a legit kick-off.
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One little annoyance to me has long been how many yards players "steal" for a throw in, at one time referees used to be hot on this and stand opposite where the ball went out but seem to just run upfield now with their back to the player taking the throw who then takes advantage.
If memory serves me right, I think that was because the players foot was over the touchline rather than he took the throw from the wrong place. Generally, I think the refereeing has been quite good thus far.
There was one incident of foot over the line in, I think, the Poland game but Seamus Coleman tried to pinch about 20m yesterday and was collared.
I do find it laughable when players try to place the ball on the very edge of the arc at corners, as if two extra inches are going to make any difference whatsoever.

It's not as if they're in bed or anything...
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A good change, imho, has been the change in the "denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity" law. Now, if a penalty is given, the player is given a yellow card, not a red.