Wednesday 15th May 2024


Mar 2, 2018
Only one bet yesterday, Beverley 3.15, where I switched form a noted horse, Lenny's Spirit, to Langton Wold on account of the trip being too sharp for the former. Correct in one way, since he soon weakened and dropped out. For Langton, it was a case of race - riding providing the key to his failure to place. Yes, he was drawn11 but the winner was drawn 13 The difference between the two was that Luke Morris, on the winner, broke quickly and made sure his mount was able to get over ; not to lead but to get a handy possie on the inside whereas Ben Robinson, on LW, was more leisurely at the start, which meant that he was unable to get a good racing position. Yes, he was midfield but was caught on the outside of runners and at Beverley this not where you want to be. In the end, that move was a huge difference. I'm not necessarily saying that mine would have won but it does remind me, once again, that at Beverley is hugely dependent upon the draw on the round course. It's not the be-all-and-end-all but, if your horse is not drawn low, it's vital that a good racing spot is fixed early doors.

A lovely meeting at York but not that lovely so that I'll be going wild there. I will venture a tentative bet in the group 3 sprint (3.15). Muntasaab is a notebook horse of mine but I did think that, although improving, he might find today's ground too lively. Instead, I'll be having just a little Ew on Hannon's Shouldvebeenaring who did improve markedly towards the end of last season. He was slowly away last time at Newmarket but given a decent break today, looks very good value at 20's. That second behind Regional last year was top class and he had several of these behind.

I see Chatterbox has appeared in my alerts. Blimey, I'd forgotten about her. She's going in the mares maiden at Tipperary (6.00). I might have a tiny ew on her, as insurance. 16's at present so a smidgeon ew. Also might have a morsel on Jerrash Ew 18/1 (Ffos Las 4.30).

I'd expect a duffer day but it'll be interesting to see if my flat-race nibbles give me any clues as to whether my season is warming up. Normally not 'til Royal Ascot so we'll see.
Ringy stood out for me on the day, too, Yorick. The yard don't seem to know what happened last time. As they say - put a line through it. I would imagine much better is hoped for today.
I like to give nickames. It's easier in the races...

Come on ringy. You got this. Hold it. Hold it. Steady. Don't go yet. Don't go. You're better than these. Come on you R. Now, now, take the gap. Go. Run, run, run, fight for it, fight, this is yours.

And then it either ends up...

Yessss, comeonnnnn
Someone tell me that didn't happen
Great run
Oh well, next time
I can't believe I missed that
How did I get the wrong one

etc etc

My wife gets embarrassed if anyone else is in earshot. I'm just lost in the moment, of course. It's a unique feeling when they do what you thought they were going to do, and up to the point they don't actually do it the promise is always there (well not always, sometimes the game is up after a few strides, but you know what I mean)