Welcome to the New Forum!

Good to see you too littlefeat; your posts thus far on this shiny new board have been pleasingly polite...which is nice

In big fields of convivial talking horses garrulous amateur riders bruised from being thrown can cause much trouble in running. Aged taciturn apprentices are wise enough to observe from the wide outside

The Cuprinol paint that I used on my garden fence is discontinued and I’m obsessively looking at different shades of green in an effort to repaint it ( with no success). So I’m trying to work out what shade of green the forum now is ( it’s very green). I’m thinking it’s forest green; too light to be racing green…
I really do like the new layout now I’m finding my way around. It’s bright and shiny and clean and the emojis are great...far better than what we had before so it’s much easier to add expression with a post! :thumbsup: