What are you listening to...

And the classic Suedehead. Those with a long memory may remember that name from the other place- about 20 years ago. Wonder where he is now ;)

Listening to the awesome London Grammar here, who have their fourth album out in September. Hannah Reid's vocals are just something else.

This is their latest single 'House' from their forthcoming album

This is a young lady who I've seen busking in Devon and Somerset - Chloe Marie Aston - also known as the Piano Bike Girl. She's getting a bigger following all the time and this is her first single

C/P this but the first one listed on Youtube was by the "English Beat"....Grrrr!!!

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Seen this man at more venues than I can remember but one time it was at at a small pub in Osmotherley - the landlord was a big fan (it was fun listening to him say "thank you Osmotherley":LOL:)