DG's UEFA Euro 2016 Competition

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May 2, 2003
Thanks to archie who has offered any returns from a £10 win bet on France to win the tournament to the winner of this competition


Players select 6 teams from the list below. Points will be awarded based on a combination of each team’s rating and how far they progress in the tournament. Points for progress are allocated as follows:

Bottom of group 0 pts

Teams finishing 3rd in their group but not making the last sixteen 5 pts

Eliminated from last sixteen 15 pts

Eliminated from last eight 30 pts

Losing semi finalist 50 pts

Losing finalist 70 pts

Tournament Winner 100 pts

Weightings of the teams are as follows:

Germany 2
France 2
Spain 3.5
England 4.5
Belgium 5
Italy 5.5
Portugal 6
Croatia 8.5
Switzerland 10
Austria 11
Russia 11
Poland 12
Ukraine 13
Turkey 13
Sweden 13
Wales 16
Romania 18
Iceland 18
Czech Republic 18
Republic Of Ireland 18
Slovakia 30
Hungary 40
Northern Ireland 50
Albania 50

An illustration of how the scoring works

Say you pick England. If they were to lose in the quarter finals you will be awarded 30 x 4.5 =135points.

Say you pick France. And say they are a losing semi-finalist, you will be awarded 2 x 50 = 100 points.

And if you pick Northern Ireland and they finish third in their group but do not qualify, you will be rewarded with 5 x 50 = 250 points.

In the event the forum is down on the closing day, selections may be left on our Facebook page, can I recommend you bookmark it just in case.

Entries close at kick off time of the opening match of the tournament which is 8pm Fri June 10[SUP]th[/SUP], 2016

Bon chance everyone

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I'm in to defend my euro crown. :)

My selections are as follows:

England (gasps and pulls a face of distaste)
Don't think there are play-offs for the last 16, DG. The 4 best performing 3rd placed teams go forward. Does the 5 point award go to teams finishing 3rd in their group but not making the last 16?
Great comp DG & my selections will follow after some extensive study (not)

One point - there is no 3rd/4th play-off game in UEFA competitions
Moved here until start of Euros so more people see it, will move back to Euro board once competition starts.

Still looking for a prize :whistle: