DG's UEFA Euro 2016 Competition

Points for countries following completion of the quarter finals

I won't be winning, I'm out of ammo given that my request to swap Wales for England was unfairly ignored :whistle:
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edit to my earlier post that has now been disappeared - the person who is winning when you calculate minimum scores based on results to date will be the winner. But I'll keep that news to myself!
Points allocated to losing semi-finalists




Reminder that runners up receive 70pts and tournament winners 100pts

Weightings are

Portugal 6

France 2

Finally it looks like Archie's offer of a prize of any winnings from a £10 bet on France to win the tournament may well be available.
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Well done to DanB88 who wins our little competition, if archie who donated the prize and Dan could liase by PM to make arrangements that would be grand.

Final standings


Countries and their points

and cheers to Diamond Geezer in a well organised comp.
without it the tournament would have been crap.
I was only a few pound down overall, would have been a few pound up but did France tonight when I should of just left it. I did get Italy to beat Spain 2-0 @28 betfair which was my highlight.
I did check but Skybet have opted not to pay out on France winning the tournament so the prize is, unfortunately, 20% of zero. Well played anyway, Dan. I'm sure the glory is sufficient.

Thanks for running the show, DG.
:lol: :lol: Had it in my head it was a virtual bet on "the winners" not an actual bet on France to win, that's the trouble with running three competitions at once on different forums.
Cheers all.

Archie - no worries. The glory is certainly enough. Just happy to turn my TH competition form around after spending some time in the doldrums!

Cheers for organising DG.