DG's UEFA Euro 2016 Competition

France - 2pts
Wales - 16pts
Poland - 12pts
Croatia - 8.5pts
Belgium - 5pts
Iceland - 18pts
Czech Rep

I'll be putting a £10 bet on France to be champions with the winnings going to whoever comes out on top here. Likely to be £30 (or nothing, of course) but I'll keep an eye open in case any of my accounts have a special offer.
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Nice on DG....I'll have a stab - just like the England fans over night.

Germany 2
France 2
England 4.5
Portugal 6
Poland 12

I forgot Pol and Ukr were in same group...
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I'm only just looking at this and the tv coverage is shocking. Every team has been covered but no mention of Scotland and when their games kick off
Did you see France against whoever the **** or Germany against Poland.

With the 24 team format there are too many **** teams who are parking the bus, England have played three of them and so imo cannot be properly
judged until they face a team who are more attack minded.
First update

Austria, Russia,Ukraine.Sweden,Romania and the Czech Republic finish bottom of their group so score zero points

Albania finish third but do not qualify so score 5pts x their weighting of 50 = 250pts

Turkey finish third but do not qualify so score 5pts x their weighting of 13 = 65pts
Standings after last sixteen matches